Lighting Terms to Know

Mariana Home glamorous modern chandelier

The lighting industry is constantly innovating and evolving. This is great for your budget, your conscience, and your design options. But it can also be difficult to keep up with. To help you stay ahead of the curve, here are some terms you need to know about lighting.

Pendant vs. Chandelier – Typically, a chandelier has branches with one or multiple lights on each branch, while a pendant is a single fixture with one or more lights on a single branch. The definition is somewhat fluid, especially with such a broad range of fixture designs.

Sconce vs. Vanity – A sconce is a wall light used for accent or task lighting in any room. A vanity light is also a wall light, but typically used in the bathroom for illumination over a mirror.

Wattage – Measure of how much power a bulb uses, NOT the light output.

Lumens – The measure for the amount of light output on a bulb or fixture.

Under Cabinet Lighting – Exactly what it sounds like! There are many options, but all are small, hidden lights beneath cabinets for better visibility.

Ambient – The overall lighting in a room.

Accent – Lighting that highlights features of a room.

Task – Lighting used for specific tasks like reading, cooking, etc.

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