Formal Rooms Are Trending in Fall 2016

JS Robinson Fine Homes Dining Room
After such a hot summer, it’s no surprise that the slightest signs of fall are getting everyone in a tizzy. If you’re eagerly awaiting the next season, it’s time to start looking at fall trends. Some of these have been trending all year, but as we really settle in to adapting the trends, we’re seeing which are strong and which have faded away. We’ve been keeping an eye on various sources and industries, and over the next week we’re going to give you some of the biggest trends of fall 2016. Today we’re starting with formal spaces.
Formal Dining Rooms
In the recent past, many of us have gotten very casual with our dining habits. Sitting in front of the TV, at the kitchen island or bar, or even in your bed. Of course, we’re not going to stop you from doing these because we all have those days and life is too crazy to be formal all the time. However, with increasing studies about the importance of family dinner and and more people trying to entertain at home, a formal dining room really comes in handy. By formal we mean a designated room just for eating. Not for cooking and watching the game and doing homework and whatever else. JUST a dining room. That’s not to say that all you can do is eat, but it encourages socializing and conversation—something often lacking in our high tech world.  Our favorite formal dining rooms have statement lighting, mix and matched seating, a mirror or artwork, and a console table or chest for storage and decor.
JS Robinson Fine Homes Dining Room
Formal Living Rooms 
Tech-lovers beware! The newest adaptation to the home is formal, tech-less living rooms. Bring the focus back to socializing, conversation, and other forms of entertainment with a beautiful, comfortable, inviting space. While this is a more formal space, you still want it to feel casual enough that people want to come and sit a while. The idea is to actually hang out in your living room, not just pass by on your way to the TV. Great lighting will be key, as you never know what could happen in a versatile space like this. Lamps for reading, bright overhead lights for games, and dimmer switches for a romantic ambiance are just a few lighting options you might consider. Encourage reading with bookshelves and magazine holders, or use drink tables for a perfect cocktail hour space. Design the space around your family, hobbies, and interests so it will be a space you will love to spend time in.
Cinnabar Design Living Room
Formal Bathroom
You know those bathrooms at events or fancy clothing stores the have a couch and magazines on a coffee table and a cute coat rack? Well, why save the luxuries for public bathrooms? Designers and homeowners are starting to make their bathrooms a more formal living area. Comfy seats, small tables, and other living room or bedroom furniture are finding their way into this unexpected space. As much time as we spend in the bathroom getting ready, hiding from kids, or taking care of business, it makes sense that this room should be more comfortable.
Willis Construction Master Bath for KCK Parade of Homes
While we’re on the topic of bathroom trends, we’d like to discuss one more exciting one: statement mirrors. Finally! People are doing away with the generic, frameless, plain jane mirrors that come in every bathroom and changing them out for something with more style. Not to say that no one has done this before, but it’s really making waves now. We’re talking beveled, framed, round, decorative, you name it. Design is in the details, and this is another one that can take your space to the next level.
Zaiss Design Master Bathroom with Decorative Mirrors
What do you think of these new takes on standard rooms? Do you see yourself adopting any of these trends?
Stay tuned for our next blog…fall 2016 colors!

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