Trending Colors for Fall

Cinnabar Design Dining Room with Orb Chandelier
Colors for fall typically get warmer and darker, to match the colors of the trees and changing daylight. But there are more colors to use than just orange, red, and green when the fall season comes around. We’ve picked out 4 color trends that we think will start or continue to emerge in the next few months.
White & Gold
In the fall season, you want your home to feel a little more relaxed, warm, and inviting, whereas in the summer you want something more bright, colorful, and energizing. White and gold gives you a little of both, making it a trend that can work year-round. White gives a fresh, clean look, while gold adds warmth and glamour. Typically, you don’t want a lot of bright white in an autumn setting, but used sparingly, it can lift the ambiance in a room.
Mariana Home Table Lamp 130032      Mariana Home Drink Table 152028           Mariana Home Table Lamp 130039
Gray isn’t as dreary as it’s always made out to be. Typically, this color might remind you of gray skies or a kind of murky, dreary feeling. But in design, it can be a calming neutral, add depth to a room, or a masculine touch. On kitchen cabinets, tile, or in accessories, gray is actually a stunning color. Like any neutral, it can have cool or warm undertones making it incredibly versatile as well. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at these rooms with stunning gray applications.
Cinnabar Design Dining Room with Orb ChandelierCinnabar Design Kitchen with Industrial PendantsJ Larson Homes Master Bath with Vanity LightsThe 47th Symphony Designers' Showhouse with Gray Cabinets, Glam Chandelier, and Mini Pendant
Soft Metals
Metallic finishes have become increasingly diverse, ranging from bright and bold to soft and subtle. The soft metallic finishes are perfect for mixing and matching, and give a modern, glamorous feel to a space. Imagine a champagne color or subtle silver—something lighter than your typical metallic that likely mixes a few tones for a custom look. Using these colors are a great way to brighten up a space and add a more luxurious feel.

Mariana Home Lamp 125023Mariana Home Floor Mirror 210142Mariana Home Orb Chandelier 522214Mariana Home Semi Flush Pendant 562314

Matte Finishes
So matte isn’t exactly a color but it does affect how you view them. A matte finish lacks that shiny, polished look that we see on a lot of surfaces, be it metal, glass, or even ceramics. Instead of reflecting the light, it diffuses it, giving a softer look. Placing a matte finish next to a shiny one can also create interesting contrast. We first saw this look trending in the beauty industry as a new and interesting way to mix textures on your nails. Fashion and beauty greatly influence the design industry, and vice versa, so it’s no surprise we’re seeing this finish show up in home decor.
Mariana Home Lantern 270583

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