A Few More Fall Decor Trends to Look For

As we head into September, there are a few more fall decor trends that you can keep your eye out for. Whether they’re just emerging or evolving for the new season, these patterns and materials can update your home to 2016 style.
Mixed Cabinets
For a few years, we’ve seen cabinets being mixed and matched, particularly in the kitchen. But now designers are taking it to a new level by mixing materials, boldly contrasting colors, and incorporating new finishes. This can help draw the eye to specific features, make a statement, or add a contemporary feel. Take a look at these spaces that have perfectly mixed cabinets.
Via Design Brainy


Via Livinator
Marble Accents
Want just a touch of glamour in your space? Marble has subtle color contrast, but always creates a feeling of luxury. By choosing lighting and decor with marble accents, you can mix in a little glam to your space while still keeping a slightly more casual, comfortable ambiance.
Mariana Home-180076 light on-modern-pendant-lighting-classicMariana Home-180071-end-table-drink-table-accent-furniture-modernMariana Home-180077 light on-table-lamp-drum-shade
Granny Florals
You know those awful floral patterns you would see at your grandmothers house that you always thought were totally ugly? Well, they’re back in style. Of course it takes the right styling and some modern touches to make it work just right. What is appealing about these busy florals is the antique look they have that creates an interesting look by mixing time periods. Updating vintage pieces has been another big trend this year, so it only makes sense that this vintage pattern is getting a makeover.
Via Style Caster
Via House Beautiful
Raffia is a type of palm tree native to Africa. The fiber of the trunk is typically used for things like crafts, hats, etc.—similar to the straw-like material of a hula skirt. For things like furniture, baskets, and other decor, it creates an interesting texture that has a lighter feel than something like wicker. It has a tropical feel, but combined with seasonal plants and the right colors, it can easily adapt to any season.
Via Laurel and Wolff

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