A Guide To Modern Farmhouse Style

Ahh, Chip and Joanna Gaines. Your show Fixer Upper has taken farmhouse style from the middle of country roads into every city in the country. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but before that show we certainly didn’t see this style as much. Light colors and modern shapes mixed with traditional rustic country style elements make an updated, comforting style appealing to a variety of designers and homeowners. Even in the city, we sometimes crave the quiet, simple nature of country living, and this style can give you a taste of just that. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this style shine.


The Modern Elements

What makes this design style so striking is the way it is updated with modern elements. Let’s break down some of the features that are commonly seen in this style.


Generally speaking, modern farmhouse colors are going to be neutrals. Neutral colors give a very calm, often warm feeling to a space. Bright and bold colors can energize your mind, while subtle and natural colors are easy for your eye to look at, making them more soothing. When incorporating colors, keep them soft and muted to keep the relaxing countryside feel.

Modern Farmhouse Colors from A Burst of Beautiful

Via A Burst of Beautiful


A common staple in this style is shaker style cabinets. Flat panel is a little too modern and louvered cabinets feel too traditional. A shaker, or recessed panel cabinet is simple and clean, with just a touch of the style you’re used to.


Via Memorable Decor


Lighting is key to pulling off modern farmhouse style. You would be surprised at how much influence it has on the overall look of the space. Typically, you want to use lanterns and industrial style lights, particularly in the kitchen and entry. The reason we put lighting under the “modern” category is because choosing more modern lines, shapes, and styles in your lighting is essential to completing the look. Outdated lights will take your look from modern farmhouse to grandma’s farmhouse (no offense, grandma). Take a look at some of our new products that can give you a modern farmhouse look.
Mariana Home-290183 light on-modern-bronze-pendant-lighting460145

mariana-home-701586-light-on1-lighting-chandelier-rustic-industrial-indoor-lightsMariana Home-610883 light on-lighting-foyer-lighting-hanging-lanterns-modern-farmhouse


The Farmhouse Elements


This one is really a given. Wood materials for flooring, cabinets, tables, and other furniture add a rustic, rugged, natural vibe that you would find out in the country. With the right finishes and accents, this can still look modern, but any farmhouse isn’t complete without wood.


Via My Sweet Savannah

Barn Doors

Don’t freak out, we’re not saying people are changing their front doors to big red panels with X’s on them–this is a modern style, remember? Barn doors are a unique and surprisingly chic way to cover your closet, bathroom, office, or bedroom entryway. Typically you will see a double or single sliding door with paneling similar to a barn door, that can hide a space when closed and draw your eye when open. It’s like it’s own beautiful piece of decor. And, even with updated finishes, a barn door will instantly give a farmhouse feel to a room.


Via Decoist

Wire and Metal

Finally, think about what materials you might find on a farm. Things like wire and metal are perfect for chairs, baskets, and planters. Adding these materials (or other materials like stone and ceramic) throughout your decor will take the farmhouse aspect to another level. Just remember that in any style, there is room for flexibility and personalization. So even if you don’t want a lot of country elements, you can pair them with something more modern for a style that’s more your taste.


Via Honey We’re Home

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