Old Hollywood Glamour Makes a Comeback

Over the years, we’ve seen a rise in glamorous styles with sparkling accents, luxurious lighting, and lush materials. But more recently, designers have been referencing Old Hollywood for a more specific style. When we think of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, or even singers like Frank Sinatra, we think of their flawless sense of fashion, but do you think their style stopped there? Certainly not. Old Hollywood style was all about opulence–the fabulous lifestyles of the rich and famous. Here are some elements you can pull from their style to create a more glam design.

When you think of Old Hollywood, black and white movies probably come to mind. So how do you know what colors to incorporate in a Hollywood inspired design? Looking at the few color movies or shows and references from the time period, we can pick out some influential colors. Jewel tones give a feeling of luxury because, well, it reminds us of jewels. Purple or lilac has been known to represent royalty, also bringing in an upscale feel. Finally, metallics in lighting, decor, or other elements give that glam sparkle and shine necessary for a Hollywood feel. Take a look at these designs inspired by Old Hollywood style.


Via Theme Rooms


Via Decoist


Via Holiday House Hamptons


Via Friar Tux


Equally as important as colors are the shapes you use. Art Deco was a popular style that emphasized elegant shapes. From architecture to decor, Art Deco was about making a statement through dramatic and luxurious styles. Also consider choice of materials. You won’t find many rough textures in an Old Hollywood design, but rather glossy, shiny, and smooth (and don’t forget the crystal!). Check out these products that can give you a touch of Old Hollywood flare.

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