Creating a Fall Coastal Home

Fall decor is easy to find in most parts of the country, but in warmer, coastal climates it can be a little more challenging. Coastal styles are light, bright, and beach inspired, so incorporating traditional fall decor (gourds, leaves, etc.) can often feel out of place—because they are. Decor feels more natural when it’s inspired by the environment around you. But if you want to add some autumn style to our coastal home, how can you keep it from feeling disconnected?
Start by emphasizing the outdoors. Temperatures are getting cooler, so you can open shades or move furniture to bring more attention to windows and outdoor living spaces. Look for local, seasonal plants to place on bookshelves, coffee tables, sofa tables, or as a centerpiece to bring the warmth of the season inside. Also revisit your outdoor patio or deck area to optimize it for outdoor entertaining. Clean furniture, gather fire pit materials, and check outdoor fixtures for function.
Via Tuvalu Home
For that comfortable fall feeling, layers can bring a warm touch to any room. Even thin blankets or more pillows can give the illusion of a warmer space, perfect for cool weather days. Take it a step further by layering window treatments and rugs for a unique look that’s on trend.
Via The Lily Pad Cottage
When it comes to colors, seasonal colors can still be incorporated into coastal decor; it doesn’t have to be orange, red, and yellow (although these colors still work). Think of deep purples, warm blues, and dark greens. These colors can be sprinkled around to give just a touch of autumn air.
Via Home Bunch
If you can’t tell already, the trick to getting your home ready for fall is more about creating the right feeling than using the right decor. In the summer, you want an open and airy feeling. Just imagine going to bed and being smothered by layers of blankets and pillows and kids jumping into bed with you. No thanks! When you’re hot you want to spread out and have a lot of space. As we move into fall, we become more welcoming of a tighter, cozier room. Use this opportunity to bring out more accessories and decor, along with layering, to create a snuggly feeling.
Via Intellectric
Our final trick is to make fall coastal and make coastal fall. Here’s what we mean: take fall elements like pumpkins, seasonal produce, and colorful leaves, and make them coastal with beach-themed carvings, colors, and accents. Add seashells among leaves, place produce in beach sand, and paint natural elements in calming colors. For coastal decor, be it nautical, beachy, or modern, find pieces in fall colors or with fall patterns. For example, you could use a shell-framed mirror with warm colors or accent pillows with coastal colors but a fall pattern. The smallest details can impact your space, so don’t feel like you have to add huge decor to transform the feel of the room.
Via The Starfish Cottage

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