Trending Bathroom Design

Sometimes we can be hesitant to look at trends because we don’t want to be like everyone else and we don’t want our designs to look out of date within a matter of years. However, trends are trends for a reason and with the right application, you can still create a timeless look. Arguably two of the most important spaces in the home are the kitchen and bathroom, so trends for these rooms are abundant. Want to know what’s trending in bathroom design? We’ve got you covered. The main trends we’re seeing right now are statement mirrors, bathrooms like living spaces, and natural, spa-like design.


Statement Mirrors

When we look at this trend, our first thought is…why hasn’t this been a trend before?! Ditch the plain mirrors that come in every house and upgrade to something more fun and stylish. Play with shapes, frames, and finishes to take your bathroom design to the next level. Design is in the details, and this unexpected design element will tie your style together with the most looked-at piece in the room.


Bathrooms Like Living Spaces

Let’s get this straight–we don’t want you to live in your bathroom. But, as one of the spaces that we spend the most time in, a feeling of livability and comfort is a must. Adding accent furniture like small tables, chairs, or even a small sofa will make your bathroom feel more luxurious, and give you a place to unwind after a bath, or while drinking some wine and reading a magazine when the kids are in bed.



Spa-Like Bathrooms

Finally, add warmth and relaxing vibes with natural materials and inspiration from spa designs. After all, if there’s any space that you want to chill out in, it’s the bathroom. Elements like plants, flowers, exposed wood, and stone can pull in the outdoors. To give a spa feeling, consider upgrades like heated floors or bathtub jets. Also consider how to stimulate all the senses with good smells, soft textures, and even a fridge with snacks!


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