6 Kitchen Design Trends We Love

The more we read, the more we realize that the kitchen is the heart of the home. A place of entertaining, bringing family together, exploring your own skills, and building relationships around delicious food. This makes designing the perfect kitchen more important than ever before. It’s difficult to spend time in the heart of your home if you don’t like the way it looks or functions. So what is making people fall in love with their kitchens this year? Take a look at the latest trends that are adding beauty and purpose to the kitchen.

Unique Lighting

Lighting in the kitchen is important for great function, but as the brightest spot in the room, it also establishes the style. Use this opportunity to make a statement with something out of the ordinary. Small chandeliers, out of the box track lighting, or stunning pendants can transform your kitchen design.
Design by Janet Alholm Design

Backsplash to the Ceiling

Why let your beautiful backsplash stay wedged between the countertop and cabinets? Show off that beautiful finish by letting it extend all the way to the ceiling. This creates a larger, taller looking space and a more uniform look.
Via Decor Pad


Mixing Finishes

Create balance, guide your eye, and create a more personalized look by mixing cabinet, countertop, and hardware finishes. This can create bold, modern contrast, or make a more natural look to the space, as opposed to an overly-designed look.
Cinnabar Ttitan Kitchen 2-Mariana Home-kitchen-island-pendants-silver.jpg
Design by Cinnabar Design

Customized Storage

Make your cabinets work for you! Incorporate your pets, add vertical drawers for spices, or make storing tricky items like pots and pans a little easier. Use design to your advantage to make your life easier.
Via Attic Mag

Farmhouse Style

Modern Farmhouse Style is one of the most popular styles in the kitchen for 2016. With rustic comfort and modern flare, it’s no surprise this style has caught on. For more farmhouse inspiration, check out our blog on farmhouse style.
Via My Sweet Savannah


Statement Tile

Whether it’s flooring or backsplash, incorporating unique tile can show off your specific style. Use unexpected colors, fun shapes, or new finishes for a new twist on a classic material.
Design by Joni Spear Interior Design

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