2016 Bedroom Design Trends

When it comes to what’s trending in the home, we get an abundance of information about the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. But what about trends specific to the bedroom? After all, if there’s any space that you want designed perfectly to show your taste, it’s the bedroom. It’s also extra important to create the right ambiance based on how you want to use the space. So what are the current bedroom design trends and how do they help you achieve your perfect style?


Banish any previous ideas about worn out, outdated patterns lining the walls of your space and discover the new possibilities with modern patterns and applications. There are some really stunning wallpaper designs that can give you a fresh and unique look that would be impossible, or at the very least time consuming, to do on your own. Cover the whole space, create an accent wall, or use it in any other way you find interesting. The possibilities are endless.
Via DrawHome

Multipurpose Space

There are some days you just don’t want to leave your bed. Maybe you can compromise by never leaving your bedroom. Add a desk or office space, a couch and TV for lounging, or another functional option. Let your bedroom be your favorite place to be.
Via Lonny


Life is crazy and hectic and messy and your room shouldn’t be. A cluttered space will clutter your mind, so limiting decor to functional items and simple shapes will help create a space of ease. This isn’t to say that your bedroom is void of personality or bland, but rather each element is thoughtfully chosen and carefully placed to give you the most function and style with the least possible elements. Scandinavian design is a great reference point for simplistic yet stylish design.


Texture is a great way to add warmth, comfort, and pattern to a simple design. Natural materials will add an extra sense of relaxation by reconnecting you to the outdoors. Also consider texture in fabrics like rugs, tapestries, pillows, and throw blankets.
Via Home Designing

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