Entryway Design Tips

As the first space you and your guests will see, the entry of your home is an important first impression. So, what do you want your entry or foyer to say? Do you want your home to be playful, elegant, sophisticated, warm, traveled? Do you prefer a simplistic, minimalistic approach or a more decorative, elaborate style? Whatever your style, we have 3 great tips for creating a welcoming entry to your home.

Ample Lighting

Create the feeling of sunshine with a bright, beautiful light fixture. Typically, we see lanterns or pendants in the entryway. You can also incorporate floor lamps, table lamps, or sconces.

Organized Storage

Clutter does not make a happy home, and certainly not a welcoming entryway. Make sure you have a place for shoes, coats, bags, backpacks, mail, keys, and other in-and-out-the-door necessities. If you don’t want these by the front door, you might consider incorporating a mudroom through another entry.

Personal Touches

As the first impression of your home, this space is perfect for not only introducing your style, but your family! Include some drawn pictures, family photos, travel souvenirs, or a collection.

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