5 Unique Spaces to Add to Your Home

We all know the standard rooms in a house – bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, etc. But as home customization has become more popular, we’ve seen some pretty creative spaces being added to the home. Whether it’s for function or fun, we love the idea of adding more personalized rooms to a house! Here are some ideas for a unique room you might incorporate into your own designs.

Sports Room

Are you a die-hard fan of a certain team? Or maybe you love a lot of teams of a certain sport. Adding a room dedicated to your passion can add a lot of fun and playfulness to your home. We’ve seen rooms that look like a hockey rink, full basketball gyms added to a home, or big murals of a sports star taking up a whole wall. This not only makes it fun for your own family, but encourages socializing in a fun and unique space.
Via Houzz

Home Theater

Going to the movie theater certainly has it’s charms, but it’s also gotten increasingly expensive and, let’s be honest, sometimes they can be a little gross. If you’re an entertainment lover, create the comfort and experience of the theater in your own home, but more personalized to your own tastes and needs. Pick the perfect comfy chairs or couch, add blankets and pillows, have fresh popcorn, the exact drinks you want, and be able to pause the movie for a bathroom break. This is another great opportunity to invite friends and family over for a unique experience.

Home Bar

We’re seeing this in just about every home now. The fridge and cupboards can quickly be crowded with bottles of wine, liquor, mixers, and garnishes, especially if you like to have company over. A home bar creates a more functional space for storage and makes you feel like a real pro when you’re mixing drinks.


You know that scene in Beauty and the Beast when he covers her eyes and takes her into the giant library? We’re pretty sure everyone has wanted that at some point. Libraries have that wonderful smell of book pages, the ambiance of a sophisticated home, and are usually accompanied by very comfortable seating. Libraries can also serve multiple functions like a study space, office, or gallery.
 Via Houzz


An arcade is a truly unique and lively space. Of course you can have modern games on the most up to date console, but including vintage arcade games and board games makes the fun even more diverse. Plus, designing this kind of space lends itself to interesting patterns, shapes, and other risky choices you might not try otherwise.
Via Houzz

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