Adding Masculine Touches to a Space

From decor to colors to furniture and more, there is generally a sense of femininity or masculinity to every piece. How can we pinpoint this feeling or aesthetic, and how can you transform your space to be more one or the other? Today we want to focus on adding masculine touches to a design, which can add a sturdy, sophisticated, rugged look.


Masculine colors are generally going to be neutral and/or dark. Think of dark navy, hints of black, accents of beige, or various tones of gray. Colors can be inspired by nature but are generally going to be more muted, rather than bold and bright. You may also see more cooler tones, especially blues or other hues that reference technology.
J Larson Homes Master Bath with Vanity Lights


Masculinity is typically associated with being non-fussy—easy, simple, etc. This translates into simple, angular shapes in furniture, lighting, and other decor elements. You won’t see many ornate details or an abundance of curves.


The decor in a masculine space is made of materials that are rugged, rough, etc. You might use leather, wood, metal, chrome, brick, concrete, etc. These materials are sturdy, solid, and again, not very fussy (depending on the application). You’ll also notice that these materials are generally produced in neutral colors. Think of industrial, rustic, or highly modern styles.

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