White and Gold is the Modern Combo You’ve Been Looking For

You love color and glamour but still want to incorporate modern, minimal vibes into your space, but how can you achieve it all?! With white and gold, of course. White kitchens have taken over the design world for their modern, clean, bright look but now white is the go-to color for every room. Adding gold gives warmth and shine, making a more comforting and easy-going design. Let’s be honest, an all white room makes you feel like you don’t want to touch anything. By adding gold, be it hardware, lighting, or decor, and a few of your favorite colors, you’re on your way to a well balanced, contemporary design.

First let’s look at this all-white trend. We have to admit, it does look bright and beautiful. But, it just feels incomplete. It’s flat and kind of plain and we think you have a little more personality than that.

Via Architecture Art Designs


Now, BAM! Add gold and watch the room come alive!

Via House To Home


It adds the glamour and warmth you want with one color, and you still get the modern clean feeling you want by using white. Now, if this is too much of a color overhaul for you, white and gold still look fabulous together in smaller applications. Fresh, luxurious, and versatile, this color combo is always #winning.

Mariana Home-151021-modern-end-table-gold-marble

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