Incorporating Feminine Flare into Design

Our last blog discussed how to add masculine touches to a space. But we are all aware that everything needs a woman’s touch (just ask your mother). A mix of masculine and feminine elements is the perfect way to create a balanced design, especially for shared spaces like the living room or kitchen. Whether you want a lot of feminine flare, or just a touch, there are lots of ways to get a more delicate, soft, look.


Feminine colors range far beyond stereotypical pink. In fact, pink has become a gender neutral color in fashion, and we expect this trend to trickle down into interior design in no time. Generally, feminine colors are going to be light and warm. You may see a lot of pastels, or darker colors with warm undertones. Another color that is typically feminine is purple because of its association with romance, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule.
Cinnabar Titan Dining Room-Mariana Home-orb-pendant-dining-room-lighting.jpg


In a feminine space, you’re going to see a lot more curves. In lines of furniture, in patterns, and in decor. Opposite of simple, rugged, sturdiness of masculine designs, feminine shapes have a more fluid, organic, soft look. You may also notice thinner lines, adding to the delicateness of each element.
JS Robinson Fine Homes-Ridgestone_CatalinaIIA_Interior#2 copy-Mariana Home-rustic-traditional-two-tier-chandelier.jpg


While it’s not missing from masculine spaces, you will find more glitz and glamour in a feminine design. Whether its sequins or glitter or crystal or metallics or all of the above, you are likely to find some kind of sparkle. You may also find softer fabrics of cotton, velvet, or silk. Natural materials are still welcome in a feminine space, as they add a sense of ease and warmth, but they are generally used more sparingly, or they’re painted.


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