Your Guide To Coastal Style

The crisp ocean breeze, soft sand between your toes, the warmth of the sun on your skin…there’s just something about the beach. Not all of us are lucky enough to have our own home on the beach, but most of us wish we did. If you can’t get enough of those coastal vibes, you might want to design your home with the beach in mind. Interior design can take you anywhere you want to go, so make it an oasis inspired by your favorite place to be. We have a quick guide to help you get coastal style in your own home, whether it’s just a touch, or a total makeover.


Coastal colors are inspired by their environment. You’ll see sandy beige, ocean blue, and sea glass green. In some areas, you may see warm terra cotta, bright Mediterranean hues, and other influences from the environment. In every coastal style you’ll likely see a lot of white, and there’s certainly a feeling of brightness. Blues and beiges are popular not only for their reference to the sand and sky, but because they are calming, relaxing colors that can help ease your mind, recreating the feelings you have at the beach.

Cinnabar Designs-Miller Living Room With Fireplace Modified 1 copy-Cinnabar Designs-Mariana Home-round-orb-modern-pendant-coastal-design.jpg



Being by the coast, you have to connect with nature. Using natural materials like driftwood, glass, rope, and shells will bring nature back into your home and really complete that coastal feeling. You may notice a lot of handmade materials as well, or at least references to the local environment. Texture is also important in coastal style. Generally, you won’t see heavy furs or knitted throws, but again, it depends on the location. You will see a lot of cotton and light, breezy materials that add to the lightness and ease of coastal style.



Every coast has a different style to it, influenced by the nature and culture around it. Coastal style in Greece will look totally different than coastal style in California. Always try to draw from specific places to make your design feel more authentic. For example, this bamboo mirror would be more fitting in a tropical location, rather than an east coast style home.

Via Apartment Number 4

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