Classic, Casual, Country Cottage Style

Somewhere between modern farmhouse and straight up country style is the cottage look. The differences are subtle, but it has that easy, relaxed feeling of country living without necessarily referencing the farm. You may know it as shabby chic or vintage, but there’s more to it than just the mix of modern and antique. There’s a casualness, humility, and history to cottage style that really gives it it’s charm.

Of course for every design style there’s about a thousand sub-categories. With cottage style, you may see a more classic style, French influence, or some breezy beach vibes. Whatever style you infuse, you want to keep the airy, slow living, laid-back feeling that comes with living outside the city.


Via Town and Country Living

Here you can see some influences of modern design in the clean lines, carefully chosen colors, and almost minimalist taste. But vintage art, rustic floors, decorative detailing on the furniture, and bronze hardware take it to that cottage style. The colors are the main element that give that light and airy feeling, but the materials, finishes, and decor are all relaxed, worn, or just simple. There’s nothing fussy about this space, allowing it to become a space of both style and relaxation.



Via Latest Decoration

This cottage style living room uses more color, giving it a lot of warmth. Once again we see some modern influences in the chandelier, table lamps, and some of the accent pillows. But what makes this room cottage style? I spy brick, a wicker basket, a barn door inspired table, rustic finish coffee table, simple patterns, a cozy and functional rug, and touches of nature. The fabrics are casual, the finishes are worn, and there’s simplicity in every aspect. This humble space certainly embodies a cottage style.



Via Better Homes and Gardens

Let’s look at one more. This cottage kitchen is a little more upscale, but still has that open, bright, simple design. The marble countertop is something you’d rarely see in a modern farmhouse, and the beautiful tile backsplash paired with milk glass and matching dishes creates a beautiful, functional vignette. The rustic floors and farmhouse sink really take this design to a country cottage style, adding in that more casual, rugged ambiance.


What do you love about cottage style? Do you think it’s still on trend, or has modern farmhouse completely taken over?


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