Mid-Century Modern is All the Rage in Design

From fashion to food to interior design, trends have a  way of coming back around. It’s inspiring to look back at designs to reinvent and modernize them for a cool twist. Mid-century modern in particular has been a major trend the last few years, and is only growing in popularity. The bold colors, fun shapes and minimalistic feel give a lot of wiggle room for incorporating playful, whimsical, yet still sophisticated looks into your design.

First, we have to talk about the most iconic and recognizable part of mid-century modern style, which is the furniture. The easiest way to identify or transform a piece to MCM is with the legs.


Via Etsy


Via Joybird


Via Joybird

You can see some similar shapes throughout each of these pieces, but the tapered leg will always scream MCM. It adds a more delicate, retro feel to any piece of furniture, and you can see that the shape is repeated on drawer handles or the angles in the design. MCM furniture is a little funky–not too serious but still dripping with style.

Next, let’s look at lighting. Traditional fixtures won’t fly with this style. You have to show off your forward thinking and playful style through creative lighting fixtures to really pull off MCM. Again, think of funky shapes, seventies vibes and pushing boundaries. There should be a futuristic element, using clean lines and sculptural elements.

Mariana Home-130038-lighting-modern-geometric-floor-lamp (1)mariana-home-801274-light-on-lighting-chandelier-modern-glam-indoor-lights



Finally, let’s take a quick look at color. Mixing colors in MCM is essential to create the eclectic, whimsical feel that is essential to this style. You don’t want to go overboard with colors, you just want enough to make the space pop. Use neutrals and light colors for large areas like walls and flooring.


Via Splendid Habitat


Via Decoist

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