Mixed Materials Provide Contrast and Surprise

In a world of endless materials to use in design, that also means endless possibilities for combinations. Mixing materials can create a more dimensional, unexpected, or intriguing look to a piece of decor. We looked through our own collection to demonstrate how mixing materials impact their design.


Stone and Metal

“Stone” is a very loose term when it comes to design. There’s granite, concrete, agate and geodes, marble, on and on and on. But no matter the stone, there is always an organic, grounded, steady feeling that accompanies it. With refined finishes and paired with the perfect metal accent, it creates an upscale, luxurious feeling. The heaviness of each material combined with elegant design makes it feel expensive, even if it’s not.

mariana-home-180066-light-on-coastal-lamp-table-lampmariana-home-130035-lighting-traditional-accent-lamp-with-black-shademariana-home-310011-modern-table-lamp-neutralmariana-home-180069-end-table-drink-table-accent-furnitureMariana Home-152023-console-gold-modern-geometric-marble-mirror-sofa-table

Wood and Metal

Wood and metal paired together will almost always create a rustic, industrial feeling. But with modern technology, we have availability to new shapes, colors, and finishes. This expands the possibilities for what we are able to create, allowing wood and metal to take a more polished look.


Crystal and Metal

Speaking of polished, little looks more dazzling than pairing crystal and metal together. Each has it’s own unique shine, creating an almost jewelry-like aesthetic. With matte or dark metals, the crystal can make a piece more feminine or delicate.

mariana-home-320004-gold-crystal-lamp-table-lamp-drum-shade-modernMariana Home-180075 light on-crystal-lamp-gold-lamp-drum-shade-modern.jpgmariana-home-208883-light-on-transitional-chandelier-crystal-accent

Ceramic and Acrylic

Using ceramic gives that handmade, crafty sort of look. Of course contemporary shapes and designs can take it away from a cheesy sort of crafty, but it’s always inherent with this material. Paired with acrylic, even in the smallest of accents, you get an even more modern look. It’s still has that fragile, delicate feeling, but brings the piece into the present time.



Glass and Metal

One sturdy, industrial, and strong. The other fragile, artsy, and delicate. The combination of glass and metal is truly a contrast of materials. Paired together, the glass gives a feeling of femininity and subtlety, while the metal provides a look of sturdiness and power.


Mariana Home-730625 light on-lighting-kitchen-lighting-modern-industrial


What’s your favorite material combo? What would you like to see more of in future designs?

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