Cast Your Vote in Design!

The nation is abuzz with voting fever as tomorrow is Election Day. Design isn’t exactly a political industry, but there are plenty of opinions about what looks best. We want to see what you think of the latest trends in design. So take a look through these products and tell us what design party you belong to!



mariana-home-130043-blue-glass-lamp-with-drum-shade-1mariana-home-180075-light-on-crystal-lamp-gold-lamp-drum-shade-modernmariana-home-310001-coastal-lamp-rustic-table-lampMariana Home-125035 light-on-lighting-accent-lamp-bronze-industrial

        A                   B                  C                 D


mariana-home-801274-light-on-lighting-chandelier-modern-glam-indoor-lightsmariana-home-390655-light-on-lighting-modern-chandelier-light-fixtureMariana Home-610883 light on-lighting-foyer-lighting-hanging-lanterns-modern-farmhousemariana-home-261273-light-on-industrial-chandelier-light-fixture

         A                  B                   C                 D


mariana-home-130038-lighting-modern-geometric-floor-lampMariana Home-320009-modern-classic-gold-floor-lampMariana Home-320017-classic-modern-bronze-floor-lampMariana Home-830017-modern-silver-floor-lamp

       A                    B                   C                  D


mariana-home-360002-modern-classic-wall-mirrorMariana Home-152012-wall-mirror-classic-modern-goldmariana-home-210143-natural-wall-mirror-decorative-mirror-framed-mirrormariana-home-152010-wall-mirror-framed-mirror-industrial

       A                  B                   C                    D



The results are in! What’s your design party?

Mostly A’s: Mid Century-Modern Club

You like a little old, a little new, and plenty of funky style. You learn from the past and reinvent it to fit into the modern world.

Mostly B’s: Glamour Squad

You feel most comfortable around sparkle and shine! Even if you’re on a budget, you know that the right decor will make your home feel luxurious and lift your spirits.

Mostly C’s: Farmhouse Groupies

You don’t like to fuss too much over your decor. You like a refined yet comfortable look that has all the rustic elements you love with the modern taste you crave.

Mostly D’s: Industrial Crew

Masculine, sturdy, clean, man-made elements make up your style. The inherent strength attracts you to this look, and the classic tastes keeps you coming back.

One of Each: Eclectic Troop

You appreciate a variety of styles, and mix and match them to your heart’s content. This can make decisions more complex, but you welcome the challenge of effortlessly blending styles.


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