Gold is the New Black

For years and years, gold (or other warm metals like brass) was not a color popularly used in interior design. It was considered outdated, even tacky to most people. Innovations in manufacturing, emergence of clean, modern design, and a need for warm and stimulating interiors have created the perfect storm to bring gold back full force. No longer old fashioned, gold is once again a sign of luxury, glamour and modernity.

Now, we can say gold is everywhere but that’s a little hard to imagine. Rooms aren’t exactly decked out in gold from floor to ceiling, but they do have a strong presence overall. So where exactly are we seeing gold trends?

First, we see it in lighting. The bold, warm, color combined with the right design makes a gold fixture an instant statement piece. Be it a chandelier, pendant, sconce, or lamp, the combination of the strong color and naturally eye-catching light is an effortless way to create a bit of drama.



Second, we’re seeing gold in furniture. The application in this area is going to be more subtle–you probably won’t see a completely gold twelve-seat dining table. Accents of gold on a table, gold pulls on a chest, or smaller furniture pieces in gold can change a style from rustic to glam, a color scheme from cold to balanced, or add the perfect touch of luxury.



Third, gold is the perfect finish for decor and accessories. Especially if you’re just jumping onto this trend, accessories are a great way to start adding in a new color to an existing design. No one likes a bare coffee table or a boring nightstand, and gold accessories are the perfect addition to create a stylish vignette. Other decor items like art and mirrors bring warmth to a space and can easily be changed out as your style evolves.



Finally, we want to address how people are using gold. Yes, they’re using it in lighting and furniture and accessories, but not necessarily all at once. Mixing metallic finishes is also a major trend at the moment, and it’s another reason this gold trend is working so well. A lot of gold in a room can look overwhelming, but mixing it with other finishes and creating a more eclectic, balanced look is the way to create enviable design.



How do you see yourself adding gold into your designs? Do you think this is a trend that will stay, or just another fad?

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