Why Mid Century Modern Style Has Come Back

We’ve seen this year that Mid Century Modern style has made a big comeback, but have you ever thought about why? Styles have a tendency to reappear after a while, but it’s never random. Today we want to take a closer look at this style and consider why it’s become so popular this year.

Let’s begin our blog with a quick look back in history. In the middle of the last century, the country had just finished dealing with both war and the Great Depression. With families reunited and a turn towards prosperity, the design of the home became even more important. People craved the playfulness, color, and innovation that had been lacking over the previous years, as well as a warm environment to bring family together. The home was the perfect place to create these surroundings, and design flourished.


Via Retro Planet


Via Terrys Fabrics

The want for whimsical design combined with advancements in manufacturing made for some pretty quirky decor. Unexpected curves, futuristic vibes, and new materials were all incorporated into a style we now call “Mid Century Modern”. This style has come back very strongly in the last few years, and is continuing to grow stronger.

Now let’s fast forward to the present day. With our own surge in technology, people have felt a disconnect from others, a rise in stress, and overwhelmed with the pace of our world. As we search for ways to reconnect, relax, and find a sense of playfulness, design has once again become an increasingly important part of our lives. So it’s no surprise that Mid Century Modern style has re-emerged.


Via Froy

Of course, no trend or style can come back without being influenced by current styles. Furniture, lighting, and decor that has Mid Century Modern flare may be updated with new materials or fresh colors, but it still holds that unmistakable style.


Via Froy

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