6 Reasons to Love Blush

2017 trends are already hitting the market, and some of the most talked about trends are colors. What’s the color of the year?! What should I paint my house?! What colors should I avoid?! On and on. Well, we’re here to tell you one of them today, and if you’re not in love by the end of this blog…we’ll still love you. We might just question your sanity. 😉

The color we’re talking about today is blush. Not the stuff you dust on your cheeks, but the color of it. And there’s a lot of reasons you should be in love with this soft hue.

1. It creates a feeling of calm and serenity

Rose Quartz was chosen as part of Pantone’s Color of the Year, in part because of the playful yet calming aspect it carries. Especially when a room is enveloped in soft pinks, it creates a feeling of ease and comfort.


Via Lujo

2. It has major luxurious vibes

Pink looks great on velvets, silk, and other luxurious fabrics. It also fits seamlessly into a glamorous style, creating a high end look in any room.


Via Decoholic

3. It’s gender neutral (yeah, that’s right!)

Yes, pink is becoming more and more gender neutral, particularly in fashion. We’re not totally sure the interior world has taken this approach, but with all the shades of blush, there are certainly those that are more neutral than others. We can still see a lot of feminine touches used with blush, but it can have a genderless feel with the right design.


Via Emily A Clark

4. It’s incredibly versatile

Pillows. Walls. Doors. Rugs. Sofas. You name it, blush looks good on it. Just take a look at this room. Pink sofa, rug, curtains, and walls?! And it’s so gorgeous.


Via Shop Room Ideas

5. There’s a ton of shades to mix and match

If you do a whole room in blush, it can look very one note. But with all the shades available, it’s easy to create more dimension and diversity while sticking to your color palette.


Via House Beautiful

6. Just LOOK AT IT

Seriously, these rooms are just delicious.


Via French by Design


Via French by Design


Via Luna Grey Interiors


Via Fashion Design Pedia


Via Fashion Design Pedia


So, are you in love with blush now? Maybe not enough to cover a room in it, but even on small accents and accessories it has such a beautiful impact on a room.

Do you have another reason to love blush? Tell us in the comments!

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