Use Soft Neutrals to Ease Your Mind

As we scout trends for the upcoming year, there are a few themes present that we’re noticing stand out. One trend that arches over various styles is the use of soft neutral colors. They can be coastal, luxurious, mid century modern, or transitional. Whatever the style, there is definitely a mood it creates, and that is one of ease and relaxation.



Gray has been one of the most popular neutrals, but we also see a lot of beige and taupe. Mixed together, there is a little more depth, an eclectic feel, and balance of warm and cool tones. After all, they are neutral colors so mixing and matching becomes that much easier! But what is it about these hues that makes us feel so at ease?




For starters, they’re easy on the eyes. You might hear bold colors be described as “stimulating” and that doesn’t just mean your eyes–it’s stimulating for your brain as well. Soft neutrals are easy for your eyes and your brain to process, allowing your mind to be at ease. Another reason these neutrals work so well for a calm environment is because of the way it connects us to nature.




You may be thinking, “But nature is full of so many vibrant, beautiful colors, not just neutrals!” And you’re absolutely right. Nature is full of an infinite amount of colors, which means we can pick and choose the moods we want to create. By choosing the colors of rustic wood, light sandy beaches, an overcast sky on a rainy day, or shades of gray mountains, we are connected to those relaxing and calming scenes. On the opposite side, you could choose to be inspired by a rainforest with brightly colored birds, exotic animals, and vibrant green trees. So with all these possibilities, why are soft neutrals so “trendy”?




In a way, our world is becoming very polarized. We are more futuristic, technology dependent, fast-paced, and clean. But these feelings and ways of living don’t connect with our biology, which craves to be connected to nature. So we also see a push for a slower, green, nature inspired way of life. Trying to bring these two opposite styles together is a challenge, but colors and materials have a big influence on our mood. Having smart appliances, the latest designs, and modern lines paired with natural materials, calming, natural colors, and a sense of softness and warmth gives us everything we’re looking for in a home.

If you’re still a color lover, that’s a-ok! Even adding accents of soft neutrals can give your eye a break, and keep a space from being overwhelming and overstimulating. Pairing a bold color with neutral accents can also be a successful way to create a statement piece.





What do you think of the soft neutral trend? Boring and drab or calming and luxurious? Tell us in the comments!


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