Inspiration for Blue and Green Accents

Blues and greens are two colors that we’re seeing emerge as a trend for 2016. The base of a room is often neutral to accommodate changing styles, trends, and lifestyles, but changing out smaller decor items is a great way to bring out the personality of a space. With blues and greens, we can see added playfulness, luxury, or calm.



In these spaces that use a lot of blues and greens, you can see the vibrancy and whimsy. From art to furniture to accessories and pillows, the colors keep your eye moving through the space. The colors are stimulating, yet muted enough to still be sophisticated and relaxing. Being cool colors, they easily balance out warm metal finishes and dark woods, bringing balance to the design. But even in smaller applications, blues and greens can have a big impact on a room.






In these spaces we can see light blues and greens, deep, dark blues, and various applications for them. From the blue agate handles on a chest to the green vase on a coffee table, the colors add that little something extra to the room. Again, we can see how they balance out a space, bringing a more well-rounded color palette. The deep, jewel tone colors add luxury while lighter and softer colors add a more natural feel.

Finally, we want to feature some blue lamps to highlight adding color with lighting fixtures. Lamps are so diverse and are the perfect way to add both design and function to a room.





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