Using Rich, Bold Colors in Design

It’s been long enough from the Recession that people feel like they’ve bounced back. While we still appreciate a good bargain, a want for luxury and playfulness has started to emerge once more. When times are tough, luxuries are literally something you can’t afford, and playfulness and whimsy seem like a luxury. But now, we see rich, bold colors appearing as a trend for 2017 as people once again strive for indulgent and statement-making design.

For the truly bold, jewel tones, bright hues, and deep pigments can make up an entire room. This takes a very good eye for balance and design to make the space look cohesive and natural. With too many of these colors, a space can easily look overwhelming, cluttered, or confusing. For inspiration, take a look at how these spaces got it right:


Via Odi et Amo


Via Harpers Bazaar


Via Yahoo! News

^^ Those rooms are totally fearless! You have to know what you’re doing to pull of those kind of looks. What’s important to note is that the colors in these rooms are not random. They might be eclectic, but they make a very cohesive, beautiful color palette. You can guarantee that the designers of these rooms chose each piece and color very carefully.

If you’re not feeling quite so risky, you can try mixing in bold, rich colors with neutral tones. This shows your taste for interesting colors without having to go all out. It draws your eye to specific areas and creates more prominent pops of color.


Via Elle Decor




Via Homedit

These rooms are still bold and playful, but in a more subtle way. You can see how the richest and boldest colors in the room draw your eye first, then you notice the other elements in the space. Using bold colors, even in a more understated way, is still very stimulating. If you find these spaces to still be overwhelming for your taste, but love the use of color, add it in smaller ways for just a hint of playfulness.




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