Elegant Holiday Decorating Hacks

You’ve feasted, you’ve shopped, and you’ve had some time to relax. Now it’s time for full force holiday celebration! If you haven’t put up a tree or gotten any decorations out yet, the time to do so is approaching fast. We know that you have a sense of style and an eye for design, which means you want your decor to be a little less cheesy and a lot more fashionable. As a brand all about design, we have some tips on how to decorate better, faster, and more stylish than ever before.

1. Use lights in unexpected places

Everyone has seen lights on the mantle, the Christmas tree, and the staircase. But festive lights are really the key to a magical holiday home, so evaluate your space and try to add light in a new corner or area. You can add lights to house plants, around windows and doors, on accent tables, chests, and even tucked underneath the dining table for an unexpected glow.


Via Design Corner

2. Use a modern color palette to your advantage

Who wants to spend tons of money on decor just to have it out one month of the year? A few holiday themed items mixed with regular color-coordinated decor is a great way to make a more economical display. For example, if you have a white and gold theme, you can have white and gold Christmas trees, polar bears, and ornaments, mixed with white and gold vases, trays, and bowls. The non-holiday themed decor can be used all year, and seamlessly fit into your seasonal decorations when the time comes.


Via Nicole Gibbons Style

3. Keep an eye on the weather

It’s been an unusually warm winter, but the cold drafts are quickly blowing in. Keep an eye out for days with low wind, preferably some sunshine, and a fairly warm temperature for putting up your outdoor lights and decorations. Even if it’s a little early, you can keep the lights off at night until you’re ready to be more festive.


Via Decoholic

4. Use this method to light your tree better than anyone in your neighborhood…

Still running around your tree with a string of lights, hoping it sticks in an even spiral? Turns out, theres a method for lighting your tree like a pro that will give it major impact. A word of caution: this method will use more lights, meaning more power. See tip #5.

The method is this: instead of placing the lights on top of the branches, run them in line with them. Start at the back of the branch, close to the trunk. Run the lights forward towards the tip, jump to the next branch, run it back, and repeat. This will give you more dazzle and shine than you’ve ever seen before on your tree.


Via Two Twenty One


Via Houzz

5. Invest in surge protectors

With all these added lights, there’s more risk for safety and fire hazard. Power strips and surge protectors are just a few of the ways to protect your home. Check out this site for TONS of holiday safety tips.


Via Mother’s Circle

6. Avoid these materials…

Let’s get back to some style tips. Some materials just look cheesy and cheap. They may have once been a holiday staple, but it’s time to retire them and update your look. Some of these include puffy faux snow, tinsel, and burlap (seriously, stop with the burlap!). Fake snow is for display windows and collectable Christmas villages, otherwise, throw it out! Use a pretty white fabric or a faux fur instead with some glitter for a more elegant look. Tinsel is hard to pull off, and it often makes your tree look droopy. Try garland instead for a cleaner, more colorful tree. And finally, burlap. Maybe it could work in a farmhouse setting, but more often than not, it looks cheap and old. Find a more inventive way to show your rustic, country style.



Via My Life and Kids


Via Twuzzer


Via Holliday Decor



Via Shelterness


Via Classy Clutter


Via Zisne

7. Dress up your fixtures (carefully)

Light fixtures are a key component in any room. As one of the first things you and your guests will notice, why not give them a little holiday flare? Hang ornaments, wrap garland, and use seasonal plants and berries to give your fixtures a holiday makeover. If your fixtures have crystal or other delicate pieces, be very cautious when putting up and taking down your decorative accents. Also consider switching your bulbs to LED, so they don’t produce heat and won’t catch anything on fire (yikes!).


Via Family Holiday



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