2016 Holiday Decorating Trends

Holiday decorations starting to look a little drab? It might be time for an update! Just like any home decor trend, seasonal ones change and grow as well. Once upon a time it might have been popular to have a large collection of Christmas village sets. Now, DIY has been an up and coming way to create the enviable look you want. Whether you create your holiday decorations or buy them at the store, these trends are guaranteed to renew your festive spirit.



Glitz and glam isn’t just for the New Year (although we love it for that, too). Mixing metallics is a great way to create a magical holiday mood. Mix silver, gold, copper, rose gold, and other colorful metallics in your decorations for a look that sparkles and shines without tacky glitter.


Via Decoist


Via Love It So Much


Via Sarah Sherman Samuel

Faux Fur

If there’s one trend we’re seeing for 2017, it’s luxury. And nothing says luxury like faux fur. It adds texture, warmth, and glamour to a space and has so many useful applications. For the holidays, it gives the perfect winter cabin vibe, whether it’s rustic or high end. It’s a stylish alternative for fake snow, looks fashionable under a tree, or makes the perfect seasonal throw for the sofa.


Via Tumblr


Via Huisjekijken


Via Digs Digs


You’ve heard us talk about gold, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be stopping any time soon. For the holidays, gold (of course) adds glamour and luxury to everything it touches. It looks perfect against neutrals or holiday colors and can be used just about anywhere.


Via 30s Magazine


Via Zsa Zsa Bellagio


Via Modernize

Geometric Shapes

Typically, holiday decorations have a pretty traditional style. For those that love something more unexpected, geometric shapes are the perfect element to add into your decor. Combined with another trend like metallics, it makes a beautiful statement.


Via Decor8


Via Eclectic Trends


Via Facebook


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