4 Ways to Get Your Home Holiday Ready

The holiday season is a blizzard of plans. Visiting relatives, hosting guests, the office Christmas party, shopping, decorating, school Christmas parties, who has time for it all?! Somehow, you make it work every year but we know it’s important to work smarter, not harder–especially this season. Use our simple list to make your life this month just a little easier.


Prep your closet

With all the parties and events you’ll be going to, take a little time to bring out your dresses, suits, and dressier tops to the front of your closet. Coordinate some outfits to save time when getting ready. Then you can focus on more important things like your guests, wrapping gifts, or making holiday goodies.



Find your recipes

Speaking of goodies, don’t forget to pull out all your favorite holiday recipes. Gather them together and keep them in an easily accessible place so you can be ready when it’s time to cook. If you’re more of a digital organizer, create a board on Pinterest or a folder on your desktop with your go-to holiday foods.


Via Me and My Big Ideas


Locate the party goods

Fancy glassware, cheese plates, serving trays, cocktail shakers, napkins…there are so many extras needed for hosting a party. Instead of digging around your cabinets when you’re on a time limit, try to organize your kitchen to be party ready. Tearing apart your kitchen and putting it back together is not a stress you want when prepping your event. Having everything together and easily accessible will make your life that much easier.


Via My Home Ideas


Set aside guest essentials

Towels, spare linens, lotions and soaps, blankets, and drinks are just a few things your guests might need during their stay. The sooner you get these things ready, the more time you’ll have for cleaning before they show up. It also ensures that no one else will use them, saving you loads of laundry and trips to the store.


Via My Colortopia


How else do you prep your home for the holidays? Leave a comment!


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