Make Your Guests Feel at Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is the season of entertaining, which means you may have guests staying at your house. Whether it’s close friends, parents, cousins, or in-laws, you want them to feel right at home. Preparing their accommodations is more than just cleaning and fluffing pillows. If you want to both comfort and impress your guests, make sure you have our list of guest essentials.

Cozy Bedding

There’s a reason this is number one on our list. If they have nothing else, your guests better have a cozy place to sleep. A fluffy duvet, lots of pillows, a soft blanket…we’re getting sleepy already! Of course you want to save the best sheets and bedding for yourself, but don’t skimp on your guest room linens.


Bedside Necessities

Try to consider the bedtime routines of your guests. They might like to keep a glass of water nearby, read or journal before hitting the hay, or need jewelry tray for earrings and bracelets. Make sure each side of the bed has a functional (and stylish) table, coasters, trays or bowls, a lamp, and maybe a few fun accessories just because.


The Perfect Bathroom

Let your visitors get ready in style. Proper lighting and a statement mirror will ensure flawless morning and evening routines. Make sure to stock up on anything your guests might have forgotten like cotton swabs, toothpaste, lotion, and perfume. Also make sure there are cozy rugs, lots of storage, and air freshener.



Did we miss something? Tell us how you prepare for guests at your home below in the comments!


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