Mariana Home’s Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for something better to gift this year? As your stylish decor source, we have some ideas for you! Stop gifting sweaters they might not like, boring socks, and department store perfume. Give something unexpected, fashionable, and functional, and they’ll appreciate it for years to come.

For the entertainer in your life, we suggest a fabulous drink table. Perfect for New Year’s parties, getting together with friends, or relaxing by the fire. Especially with company around, you can always use another space to set your drink. Pair it with a bottle of their favorite wine, new drink glasses, or bar accessories to make a complete set.


For someone you admire, we suggest a timeless mirror. Include a handwritten note with all the ways you see them in yourself. Remind them to look in the mirror and see someone truly amazing. This will give them a functional piece for their home, and also touch their heart with the extra thought and meaning you put into the gift.


For the avid reader, a new table or floor lamp will do just the trick. Think it’s weird to gift a lamp? Think again. With stylish options like these, they’ll definitely be happy to be part of your life. Give them a new book to read under it, or tell them all the ways they “light up your life.” Going the extra mile always takes a gift from good to great.


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