The Perfect Holiday Dining Room

For parties, dinners, and other family gatherings, the dining room is an important space during the holidays. You not only want to impress your guests, but make sure the space is functional and beautiful. The wrong setup can really get in the way of a good time. Furniture, lighting, and decor are three essential pieces to focus on when designing and decorating your dining room for the holiday season.

Essential furniture pieces include the dining table, seating, and a console table or chest. The dining table should be big enough for your largest parties, but not so big that a smaller party has to yell across the room to hear each other. You also want to consider the material of your table. A rustic wood table can sometimes have an uneven surface, glass can make for a loud dinner without a tablecloth or placemats, and other materials may not be as easy to clean. Find what works best for both your style and needs.


A new trend in dining room seating is to have mixed chairs or to even incorporate a bench. Many designers use furniture-like chairs on the ends of the table to designate the head of the table and create variety. Benches can help to fit more people and create a more open look to the space.


If you find yourself running between the kitchen and dining room a lot, you should consider adding a chest, console table, or bar cart. You can store drink glasses, your best dinnerware, extra napkins, and more. Then you can stay more focused on your guests, and less on hosting.


The next essential piece of a dining room is the lighting. A beautiful chandelier can create an upscale look and a stunning statement. A chandelier should have about 30-36in between the bottom of the chandelier and the top of the dining table. This will keep the chandelier and direct light out of your guests faces. Another great option for dining room lighting is wall sconces. They add layered lighting, and with dimmer switches, create a romantic ambiance. On your console table or chest, you can also add buffet or table lamps for more customized lighting options.


The final touch is to your dining room is the decor. You can include wall art, mirrors, and table accessories. Then there’s the seasonal decorations like a centerpiece, figurines, ornaments, trees, and winter plants and berries. A new trend is hanging ornaments or seasonal plants from your lighting fixtures for holiday flare. Just be careful around crystals or other delicate pieces when you put up and take down your decor.


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