On the third day of Christmas…

On the third day of Christmas, my darling gave to me…three perfectly mismatched side tables, two stylish drink tables, and a floor lamp next to the tree!

Our next stop on our countdown to Christmas includes three different side tables. Why not matching tables? It’s not taboo to have matching tables in your space, in fact sometimes it’s deliciously perfect. But one of the latest trends we see is mixing and matching your furniture to create a more collected look, as opposed to a “designed” space.


When elements in a space match, it creates repetition or rhythm. This draws your eye to that area, making a focal point. To allow your eye to travel through the space, carefully mix elements for a more complex and eclectic look. In this living room, we see three different side tables and a coffee table. Two of the tables have the same top, but different shapes, and the third is completely different. The coffee table doesn’t match any of them. Yet they all fit seamlessly into the room. You can also see mixed lamps, furniture, and fabrics. Repeating elements like the sconces and sculptures on the mantle draw your eye more easily, making them the focal point of this image.

Mariana Home has a beautiful selection of side tables, ideal for mixing and matching. You can check out our selection here, but don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletters first! You might just find a holiday gift in your inbox when you do πŸ˜‰



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