On the fourth day of Christmas…

What’s next on our Christmas countdown? It’s something you need in almost every room, comes in any style you can dream of, and is both functional and fashionable. So…

On the fourth day of Christmas, my darling gave to me…four stunning table lamps, three perfectly mismatched side tables, two stylish drink tables, and a floor lamp next to the tree!

That’s right, table lamps! They fit perfectly into the living room, dining room, bedroom, office, or hallway. They can be glamorous and bold, sleek and subtle, or somewhere in-between. We suggest mixing and matching table lamps in a room to create a more eclectic look. Matching table lamps look best when you’re trying to create noticeable symmetry, but otherwise we say mix it up!


One thing we notice with table lamps is that people have a tendency to think too small. Especially for large rooms like a living room, your space can handle a tall or oversized lamp. Don’t be afraid to go taller and bigger–make a statement!

At Mariana Home, we sell tall lamps, short lamps, bold styles, minimal styles, and everything in between. Whether your style is farmhouse, contemporary, or Hollywood glamour, we have a lamp that will fit your style. Shop our collection on our new website, but don’t forget to add yourself to our email list! New subscribers will find a special gift in their inbox this month 😉



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