On the seventh day of Christmas…

On the seventh day of Christmas, my darling gave to me…seven ties to try on in front of my new mirror, a six light pendant fixture, a five light kitchen island pendant, four stunning table lamps, three perfectly mismatched side tables, two party drink tables, and a floor lamp next to the tree!

Alright, we’re stretching getting creative today. No, we’re not talking about ties today, but rather the mirror you’ll use to look at your stylish self. Whether it’s a statement mirror in your bathroom, a quick look in a hallway mirror, or a full length floor mirror in your bedroom, mirrors provide all kinds of function and style in a space.


Sure, mirrors are great for looking at yourself, but they’re also perfect for creating a glamorous atmosphere or making a room look larger. Mirrors are ideal for adding in some simple style or an unexpected element to a space. For example, an oversized mirror instead of an oversized piece of art is an easy swap you can make to make a small room appear bigger. Or, using a floor mirror in the bedroom will allow you to view your outfits with ease, while also giving it more of a “master bedroom” feel.



We have a wide selection of mirrors in all shapes and sizes. You’ll be sure to find one perfect for your style and needs in our fashionable collection. But before you shop, make sure you sign up for our email list to find a special gift in your inbox!


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