On the eighth day of Christmas…

On the eighth day of Christmas, my darling gave to me…8 outdoor lanterns, 7 ties to try on in front of my new mirror, a 6 light pendant, a 5 light kitchen island pendant, 4 stunning table lamps, 3 perfectly mismatched side tables, 2 party drink tables, and a floor lamp next to the tree!

Winter may not be the season of outdoor living, but your outdoor lights are more important than ever. With the sun going down earlier, friends, family, and guests will likely be coming over during dark hours. And if you don’t have bright lights strung up all over your house, visibility is minimal.

For a bright, beautiful home, as well as safety, we recommend cleaning and updating your outdoor fixtures. As you make selections, keep in mind how your lights will look from the curb, not as you’re standing next to them. They should be an appropriate scale compared to the size of your home.



Mariana Home has a modern selection of outdoor fixtures, in both standard and LED varieties. Click here to shop our online selection, but don’t forget to sign up for our email list! You might just find a special gift in your inbox when you do  😉


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