On the ninth day of Christmas…

On the ninth day of Christmas, my darling gave to me…a nine light lantern for the foyer, 8 outdoor fixtures, 7 ties to try on in front of my new mirror, a stylish 6 light pendant, a 5 light kitchen island pendant, 4 stunning table lamps, 3 perfectly mismatched side tables, 2 party drink tables, and a floor lamp next to the tree!

The first light fixture you see in your home sets the style and ambiance for your guests. If you have a grand entrance, a chandelier may be appropriate, but for most of us we have a smaller, simpler area. A fixture that’s too small won’t create a warm, welcoming space, and an elaborate fixture will look crowded. The perfect balance for an entry or foyer is a lantern style fixture.


The scale of the fixture is large enough for the space, but the open frame creates a lighter, more delicate feel that balances it out. It’s also the perfect transition from outdoor lighting to indoor lighting, rather than an abrupt change in style. Lanterns come in all shapes and styles, meaning you can likely find one that will fit seamlessly into your home.

larsonhome_124-mariana-home-entry-lantern-pendant-light-fixtureCecilRayHomes_071-Mariana Home-silver-chrome-lantern-entry-lighting-hall-light-open-frame-light-fixture.jpg

From glamour to farmhouse to industrial and beyond, Mariana Home has just the lantern you’re looking for in your entry. Click here to shop our online collection! But first, add yourself to our “nice” list and find a special holiday gift in your inbox.


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