New Year’s Eve Party Essentials

Christmas is over, so it’s on to the next event–the New Year. As if you weren’t exhausted enough from entertaining, there’s one more party to be had. Some choose to go out, but for a more intimate setting, as well as safety, a party at home is almost always the best option for a New Year’s Eve party. To make your life a little easier, we have a list of essentials for a simple, yet amazing party you and your friends will enjoy as you welcome 2017.

Delicious Food

You can’t host a New Year’s Eve party without some good bites. Late night snacking takes on a new level during this holiday, so make sure you’re prepared. Check out your local market for already prepared apps and snack trays, or use our go-to source: Pinterest. Ingredient + recipe = tons of search results.


Via Food Network

Party Games

With a group of close friends, you can design a game around memories you’ve had over the last year. Otherwise, board games, card games, or even apps come in handy to pass the time and create ice breakers in the crowd.


Via Google Play

A Bar Cart

It’s not a New Year’s Eve party without a few cocktails. An ice bucket, a selection of liquor, wine and champagne, a cocktail shaker, and glass markers allow your guests to serve themselves. This keeps your hands free for other hosting duties, like getting in on the fun.



Drink Tables

With all the drinks, your guests will need some extra room to set them down. Drink tables are perfect for just that. We have some extra stylish ones in our collection, and if you sign up for our email list, you’ll find a special December gift in your inbox that will make your shopping experience even better.


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