2017 Trend Alert: Vintage Meets Modern

Bring in the new year with 2017’s top interior design trends. Along with your own personal resolutions comes the transformation you want to see in your home. A direction you can’t go wrong with is the marriage of vintage and modern in a space. The tendencies of modern style to be clean, monochromatic, and simplistic, pair beautifully with the typically unique and detailed elements of vintage decor.  If your space is needing a face-lift this year, consider this pairing to bring the space back to life. This technique is used to pull forward accent colors and helps bring cohesiveness to a space. Give your home some character and check out these moments where vintage met modern.


Via Decorilla

Take for example this combination of simple and modern light fixtures with the vintage chicness of a gold framed work of art. The detail of this classic frame compliments the subtle warmth of the lamps on either side. The rhythm of patterns or lack-there-of in the modern decor is contrasted by the ornate nature of the antiqued gold frame.


In some cases you can even find a piece that joins the two styles itself. This mirror has an art deco curvature that most anyone can appreciate. Not to mention it is paired beautifully with a crystal light just above it to add to its delicate unique presence in the space.


In this space the designer has balanced a light modern setting with a vintage chic chandelier. The rich gold finish with elegant crystal accents make this statement piece a perfect addition to the bright and clean space surrounding it. Don’t hesitate to pair contrasting elements in your home. After all, opposites attract, right?


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