2017 Trend Alert: Black to Navy

2016 was a year full of fearless designers bringing in the bold and unexpected. Black, being a very dramatic tone, was used often to bring depth into a space. Although as 2017 has approached, the intensity of the black has been transitioning into navy blues. Navy blue has allowed the same presence in an interior but without the harshness of black. This is not to say that all of the black needs to be removed though, because these two colors just happen to pair beautifully. Here are some approaches to mixing in some navy blues this year:


Via Houzz

A good tip for pairing black and navy is to add in white to the scheme. This can help heighten the differentiation between the two darker hues and make the pair seem more intentional. This brings a balance to the room that can be necessary when bringing in navy blues.


Via ArchitectureArtDesigns

Another way to help balance these two deep hues is to make sure that they differentiate enough so that it doesn’t look like one was mistook for the other. As you can see here the headboard and the side table are just dark enough to be paired with the slightly lighter navy blue without all washing together. This creates an element of transition and unity within the room. Play with the intensity of the blue to find what works best with the black in the room.


Via LucidInteriorDesign

Indulge in your desire to bring luxurious into your home. Don’t be afraid of the dark, because it can be absolutely stunning in the right space. Here we can really feel the warmth that this designer has created with this color pairing. In this room, lighting is used to amplify the mood. Black and navy bring a coziness that you just cannot deny.


This is a perfect example of bringing in navy interior elements without having to repaint your trim, or more permanent elements of your home. With the white linen lamp shade and natural stone table, the black and navy can harmonize in the space.

Some rules are meant to be broken, and in this case it is time to bring together the forbidden pairing of black and navy. We highly recommend this rich duo for your space that is lacking. Although these hues are deep and cool, the warmth they bring is undeniable. When combined correctly these two colors create an intimate atmosphere, and brings the opportunity to bring in luxurious decor to your space. Where do you plan on using this pairing in 2017?

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