2017 Trend Alert: Soft to Bold Colors

Pastels were one of the hottest trends in 2016. So it comes as no surprise that designers are taking these tints to the next level and throwing bright and bold colors into the mix. It’s time to break out of our comfort zone and explore the more edgy hues that can really awaken a space. Here are some spaces that are already breaking out of the mold:

Pastels are still remaining strong, especially in artworks and soft furnishings when layered together with other stronger colours. 
Emma Blomfield, Interior Designer


A great piece of art can be a designer’s best friend. It can complete an entire space by pulling all of the elements together or by offering a focal point that gives purpose to the surrounding accents. The neutral walls help accentuate the boldness of the painting, allowing it to give a warm welcome in this lively entryway.


Small, bright colored decor can really pack a punch for that room with a not-so-bright feeling. The blues and green bring an energy to the room that soft pastels surely would not. Also patterns help to break up the subtle nature of a soft colored space like on the upholstered chairs in this living room.


Accessories can make the dream happen: lamp shades, patterned pillows, eclectic decor, modern artwork, curtains or furniture–the possibilities are endless. In this case, the plants, plates, bottles, and other kitchen accessories pulled together this light and bright kitchen. It can help to think of the pastel tints as a background for a painting. Each color you use on top of the background should either play off of the hues already present or compliment them in an appealing way.

For reference, here is a painting by Irma Cerese titled Portwenn #2. The artist has used the same layering technique. The kitchen above has cool colored stainless steel appliances and white to beige cabinetry and furnishings, just as the background of this painting does. To play off of these colors, both the designer of the kitchen and Irma Cherese have chosen a bold yellow-green hue. The yellow-green still has the calm feeling of the neutral tones, but adds a liveliness that activates the senses. After all, the color green is associated with life, growth, harmony, and freshness.


Break out of your comfort zone this year! We know its easy to surround yourself with soft pastels, but we can’t get over the mood boosting effects of adding pops of color into a room.

Share ideas and images on how you would create a colorful space!



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