2017 Trend Alert: Mix Prints

We all know that modern and simple designs have been on the rise, but for some, it just isn’t for them. The individuals who need a little quirkiness in their life or something off the beaten track have started to look to prints and patterns as a go-to for all their design needs. For any personality or preference, there is surely a print to mix or match with. There’s a quality about patterns, that can express so much more than solid colors. The energy they bring into a space is simply incomparable. Fine tune your space to be uniquely you, and pick some patterns that just feel right. Here are a few suggestions we have when picking multiple patterns for your home:


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If your heart is still set on modern, then don’t completely close out the idea of patterns. Some may fear that their space will just become a mess, but clearly patterns can add a wonderful presence to a modern space. Also to note is the combination of the intricate pattern on the deep purple rug, and the balance it creates with the more spread out pattern on the neutral rug and striped chair. This balance creates a harmony in the open space that could not be achieved with solid colors.


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By mixing and matching, you are creating a visual interest so that the space is engaging rather than boring. Our eyes usually gravitate towards detailed elements in a space and how they work with one another, so when a space is bland or without stimulation it is no longer appealing. There is also such a thing as too much, and in this case the viewer can become overwhelmed and feel like they need to leave the space. This is our guide to find balance between patterns and solid, just as this room shows. There is solid grays, blacks, and whites to help balance out the triad of patterns throughout the bedroom. Balance is key when mixing patterns.


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One tip to consider is limiting the space to 3-4 patterns. When you have too many patterns it can become an overload, but this can also happen in the patterns do not play well together. A good rule of thumb to begin with is a 60/30/10 balance, this being 60 percent of a particular pattern, 30 percent of the next, and 10 percent of the third. In this space there are 4 patterns that are clear: the rug being around 40 percent, the chairs and painting each being 25 percent, and the pillows being the final 10 percent. Visually we can see that there is a common theme of grays, reds, and neutrals. The red begins and the side table as a solid hue, moves through the intricately detailed chairs and makes its final presence in small parts of the painting. The gray is balanced with a solid colored couch to give just enough space between the larger patterned rug and the busier printed pillows. The neutrals take over most of the remainder of the space, allowing the prints to speak for themselves and give the room a charming quirkiness that surely reflects the owner.

No matter your design preferences, prints and patterns will never do you wrong. You can even bring patterns into the kitchen with unique tile choices. Find one that speaks to your personality and interests. Mixing up these details will do wonders for your space and give it the edge it needs.

Here are a few patterns that speak to us:


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What patterns would you pick for your space? Leave a comment below!




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