2017 Trend Alert: Faux Fur

We’ve been seeing a rise in faux fur on the runway, so it comes as no surprise that interior designers are bringing it into our homes as well. Bringing faux fur into your space has its perks. You get the luxurious look with the cozy feeling, and who wouldn’t want that?

“We’re returning to slightly more luxurious interiors, with home decor that feels really great and also looks great”
Erin Gates

Take a look at a few spaces that we promise would be hard to leave:


Via Source

Faux fur can work in almost any setting, even in the modern space with clean lines and solid colors, the faux fur brings a softness and inviting aspect to the space. One of the most common additions of faux fur is as accent pillows or a throw blanket. Its popularity is  also attributed to that it is an eco-friendly alternative to the real fur.


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This untamed faux fur chair balances out the linear qualities of the bookcase and the cold chrome table by bringing a softness to the space. The faux fur chair brought a chaotic room back down to earth and created a sense of comfort and relaxation. Can’t you see yourself plopping into that cozy chair and reading a good book?


Have an office space that feels too neat and tidy? Want it to alleviate stress by bringing the comfort of home into your workspace? Then bring in the sumptuous decor. This rug in this modern office space is the perfect touch. Not to mention, it creates an inviting environment for any visitors you may have.

Also consider the length of the fur, sometimes longer is better especially if it is in an easy-to-reach place. People want to come into a space and touch the soft pieces that decorate the room.

What spaces in your home are in need of a little coziness?

2 thoughts on “2017 Trend Alert: Faux Fur

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