Using the Pantone Color of the Year

With the announcement Pantone Color of the Year comes to opportunity to bring the color, greenery, into your home. It symbolizes vitality, positivity, and growth and is a fresh color to perk up your space this year. There are many ways you can incorporate this color into your design and we’ll show you a few ways others have placed it perfectly.


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Greenery brings a calming wave into a space that so many have been craving. The socio-economic standing of our country has the people craving comfort and positivity, which is why greenery has already been a hit with designers and individuals alike. Bringing this color into the most comforting room in the home, the bedroom, is highly recommended to alleviate the stress of the day and may help settle ones nerves. Although this color is green with a mixture of yellow, making it a warmer green by definition, it still has cool color qualities that make a space feel more open and airy. This may also be attributed to the likeness that the color shares with luscious plants that provide oxygen for us.


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Another space in the home where stress may be in abundance is in the office space. Here we find the opportunity to decorate the space with accent pillows, brightly color seating, and of course with natures own greenery. Pairing this color with cool colors helps create harmony in the space and keeps the green shade from being too cool and sterile.


Thankfully the color of the year pairs well with most any modern designed space, and especially one with black and white incorporated. These green chairs, flowers, and drapery bring together what would normally be a uninviting space, and make it uplifting and engaging. It also is a spunky touch that is unexpected but reveled in as an exciting addition. Who wouldn’t want to sit at this table with family and friends?


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Another place in the home where this color fits wonderfully, is the master bath. You almost feel clean just walking into this space, even if you haven’t cleansed yourself yet. The crisp natural shade is incomparably decadent and pure. Feel fresh and elegant as you adorn your home with this refreshing color.

What spaces in your home are in need of an uplift? You’ve heard our suggestions, now let’s hear yours.




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