The Versatility of the Pantone Color of the Year

One of the beautiful things about the Pantone Color of the Year is its versatility throughout a number of interior design styles. Greenery can be spotted in many homes already, and we’re here to talk about some styles that pair well this color.

  1. Mid-Century Modern: A style that encompasses all that is trendy and chic. Pulling from multiple different eras, but predominately the 60s and 70s. (Think Mad Men meets très chic.) With its use of bold colors and patterns it combines well with the clean lines and typically wood-built furniture of this style. It rarely displays ornate details or fancy upholstery. Mid-Century Modern lighting are usually very straight and geometric or round with curved contours.


  2.  Scandinavian: This style is laid-back modern, in that the spaces created are very clean and balanced yet have playful qualities. It features a harmonious combination of clean lines and organic materials. Often white and gray tones are used as the foundation for lively accent colors and natural decor, such as wood built furniture and greenery. For some reference, this commonly links back to the trends of Bauhaus.


  3. Bohemian: The eclectic nature of this style makes it effortless to pull together. Add pops of colors wherever you please. Pull in vintage pieces to your heart’s desire. Find a detailed rug and let it chat with all of the decor. One rule of thumb though is not to overwhelm the space. Let the decor speak for itself, but start with a solid foundation that doesn’t create chaos. Let your free-spirit soar in this trendy style.
  4. Urban Modern: The modern style that makes a point to make it’s eco-friendliness apparent. Stemming from designer’s lofts in the city, this style craves the greenery of the outdoors but embraces the cool collected style of modern 21st century.


Check out more spaces where greenery works beautifully here.

What style do you favor? Can you see greenery in your space?

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