2016 Trends to Keep: Mismatched Cabinets

2016 was a great year for interior design. It brought us many trends that should not be confined by just the year, but should be brought into 2017 with excitement for new possibilities. First trend we want to notably mention is mismatched cabinets. This playful duo can do wonders for your space and open new doors for endless options in your kitchen. Here are a few kitchens for inspiration:


Via Source

Clean and modern, this black and white paired cabinets offer a chic simplified look that balance out the space without washing it out. The white on the lower cabinets makes any delicious entree  stand out and highlight the colorfulness of raw foods. The black cabinet help balance out the focus point of the space, this being the space in between the cabinets. Not to mention they play well with the striped rug on the floor.


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Rather have a bit more color in your space? Well this is the perfect trio, navy blue, yellow ochre, and crisp white. The blue and yellow shades and complimentary to each other but both are rich and deep, which is where the white comes into play. The white allows the deep colors to still work together in the space by breaking up the colors throughout the kitchen. This is an inviting space because of its richness but isn’t too overwhelming because the lightness of the white.


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Crisp, clean, and invigorating, this kitchen reminds us of the Pantone Color of the Year: Greenery. Inspired by natures color, this white, light-green, and bamboo colored kitchen feels fresh and inviting. The white and green cabinets keep the space looking open and airy. The natural sunlight really brings out the beauty in these hues, but also becomes a warm charming space by evening.


Via Source

“I absolutely love the style of this kitchen mainly because it embodies many of my favourite design elements. I am a huge fan of the two toned colours used on the cabinetry as this allows for depth but also adds brightness to the space. I particularly love the brass accents which contrast the classic styled cabinetry, balancing old and new. The mix of natural materials used to finish off this kitchen like white marble countertops, wooden objects (stools & cutting boards) and the copper canisters turn this kitchen into a clean and contemporary space with an organic feel!”

Gabriella Palumbo, Interior Blogger

This mainly neutral space with perfect accents of copper and brass, creates a cool collected space that almost anyone can appreciate. The collection of design styles in this one space add an all-encompassing pleasing effect to the kitchen. The white and gray-green cabinets illuminate the area with a calming feeling. You can’t go wrong with this duo.


Via Source

This modern farmhouse feels is the perfect setting for these lavender and cream colored cabinets. Their antiqued finish is complimented by the rustic nature of the wood beams and open concept layout. This space is meant to be filled with friends and family and will always feel like home.

What color combination would work best on your kitchen cabinets? Tell us about some duos that are pleasing to you.

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