2016 Trends to Keep: White Kitchens

Bright and ethereal, a white kitchen is a design trend that will endure any passing of time. Its enlightening feeling, and opening advantages will lure you into a peaceful space to prepare colorful food and enjoy time with those close to you. This light space will immediately draw in and accentuate any source of natural light and allow for luminescent task lighting to serve its purpose and bounce from surface to surface. Let us show you a few of our favorite kitchens that utilized this timeless trend.


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Here the starkness of the white is balanced out with the marble backsplash and the natural wooden seating. These touches help the space still feel homey and comforting. Modern with retro twists, this kitchen is sure to lighten any mood.


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Taking white in a more rustic direction, this kitchen combines the modern handle-less cabinetry with the well-worn painted floorboards, natural wood, and rattan chairs. It is an inviting space that eases your daily stresses by relieving the tension of over-stimulation or clutter.


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Modernity at its finest, this kitchen is practically seamless as the sea of white envelopes you into the serenity of your home. Pulling in every inch of natural light, this space is clearly an oasis for relaxation and peacefulness of the mind.


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“I love this kitchen because it feels so fresh, clean and airy. Victorian terraced houses are often quite narrow with the kitchen at the rear, so it can be hard to get enough light into the space. The soft palette that I chose for the room helps to create a sense of space as well as calm. Finally I added contemporary dining furniture and a modern chandelier above the island to finish off the room and give it a slightly modern edge.”

Laura Holmes, Interior Blogger

Bring everyone and anyone into this warm, inviting kitchen. The natural materials throughout the space perfectly compliment the soft white palette that blankets this one-of-a-kind design. Modern lighting and accents will bring this space into our modern age and keep it a timeless combination of styles.


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Last but not least, the industrial take on a crisp white kitchen. Cement floors, stainless steel appliances, and pure white everywhere, this space has created a simply pure yet non-sterile environment that feels open and refreshing. Cleanse your senses and prepare your choice of nourishment in this stunning space.

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