2016 Trends to Keep: Matte Finishes

More and more matte is making an appearance in interior designs, and we’re definitely not upset about it.  Matte finishes are classy and luxurious, and aren’t as overwhelming or high-maintenance  as gloss surfaces. Other finishes make it easier to see smudges or dust especially if the light hits it right. With matte, there’s a lot less to worry about and it looks stunning. Here are some spaces where this trend fits in flawlessly…


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One of the best uses for a matte finish is for your interior paint. This bathroom feels soft and clean with this dark grey and white pairing. The natural veins of the marble play well with the tones of the wall, and all of the elements pull together to create a well balanced design.


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Let’s talk about the must luxurious industrial designed bathtub in the industry. (We’d love to see any competition.) This matte black tub has taken the spotlight and the first place in our eyes in this industrial styled bathroom. Wash away all the worries of your day in this killer, piece-of-art-in-itself tub. Combined with the copper piping and cement walls, this design somehow presents itself as soothing and edgy all at the same time.


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This matte finished island pairs beautifully with its raw wood base. Its the perfect balance for the soft tones brick backsplash and accents throughout the kitchen and gives it a steel gray presence without the coldness or sterile effect. Not to mention, cleaning this island is a breeze, just wipe it down with a damp cloth and it’s like nothing every happened.


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Pair your modern subway tile backsplash with matte finished cabinetry for a touch of elegance. The matte finish contrasts just enough with the sheen of the white tiles. The stainless steel appliances even blend in practically seamlessly with their satin finish.This white and gray duo make for a harmonious space that anyone would want to cook in.

Where could you see matte surfaces in your home? Do you already have matte finishes in your space? If so what do you love about them?


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