2016 Trend to Keep: Formal Dining Room

In a world that is veering into tech savvy lifestyles and spending less time nurturing meaningful relationships, we are happy to see that the formal dining room is still important. The dining room can be the heart of conversation in a home. It offers a space to remove yourself from the distractions of the  work day to just sit down and share a meal with friends and family. This room is important for many reasons, and even more so in this generation. It has become the room where technology has not found its way in, and has presented itself as an opportunity to engage in conversation face-to-face. It comes as no surprise that many interior designers love to help create this space because it serves such an important role in your home. There are many ways to approach your design to your formal dining room, and we’d love to show you a few styles that compliment this essential space.


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This modern formal dining room is meant to be open and bright to create a welcoming feeling as you enter. By using a light palette and colorful accents, this design encourages positive emotions and uplifting topics of conversation. The airiness of the room can be relaxing to guests and ease any tensions that may be present.


For a more intimate experience in the dining room, this designer has used warm earthy tones to set a mood and add a touch of classiness. This space is accented by the elegant chandelier and classic greek designed mirror to highlight its important role. Think of the way in which important figures in history have been adorned with the luxuries of the world to bring attention to their powerful role in society. This tendency has translated into this space by means of lighting and decor choices.


This formal dining room is glorious with its vaulted ceilings and large windows. The soft palette and delicately chosen accents have created a simply stunning space that can be filled with those near and dear to your heart. Any dining experience here will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Let the conversation fill the room, and you’ll never find yourself doubting the power of a well-designed space.


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Is your taste a bit more luxurious and modern? Well here’s a design to inspire your sense of style, and to highlight the importance of not overcrowding this key room in your home. This somewhat traditional table and seating choices are brought into the 21st century with golden mismatched candlestick holders and a mid-century modern statement chandelier. This room feels open and classy with the floor to ceiling windows and lets the focal point, of any gathering, be the conversation and the company you’ve welcomed into your home.

What are your thoughts on the formal dining room and its important role in our tech savvy world? We’d love to see how you’ve designed your space. Share pictures below in the comments.


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