2016 Trends to Keep: Geometric Design

With the rise of modern design came the popularity of geometric styles. The clean lines and angles complement the sleekness of modern interiors but also pair well with mid century modern, retro, and Scandinavian designs. Geometric designs help a space look structured and organized by compartmentalizing the space into specific areas and creating a flow from one point to the next. We thought that a photo blog would be most appropriate for today’s topic because this design speaks for itself and we wouldn’t want to take away from the beautiful simplicity of this style choice. Here are some spaces where geometric elements work excellently:


Via Source


Via Source


Via Source


Via Source


Via Source


Via Source


Via Source


Via Source

As we’ve seen, geometric designs can work in almost any space and can really pull together a space. From patterns on the wall to art and lighting design, this trend will surely not fizzle anytime soon.

Tell us how you feel about geometric designs and if they will work in your home.


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